Sponsors How to

Destination Wedding hotels/resorts/venues owners. How to find and back campaigns.

  1. Register as sponsor, select your Type=Backer and accept privacy policy and terms of use and complete payment.
  2. View and select campaigns you would like to sponsor
  3. Select the amount you are willing to sponsor. At Checkout, place your backing order to proceed further. Backing shall be in the form of e.g. discount on the total bill when the event is finished at your hotel/resort or cost of room nights of equivalent amount.
  4. Do not pay to seekers until mutual agreement between the seeker is accepted and signed. We shall not be held responsible for any lost/damages.
  5. Once you sign up as sponsor / vendor, you will also get listing on our international wedding directory.
  6. Charges is annually to view and place order as sponsor. There is no guarantee that sponsor seekers will select you but it helps you access a pool of social group business opportunities.

Why become sponsors?